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I love it how they pick the Asian one for cALUM like gODAMN IT HES NOT ASIAN

as disney princesses. Although I think Calum would be offended. Though mulan's my absolute favorite princess (after belle because belle is exactly like me)

OH MY FREAKIN GOSH GUYS THEY'RE Are CLOSE THEY ARE IN CHICAGO I AM JUST FREAKING OUT THEY ARE SOOOOO CLOSE!!!! THEY'VE NEVER BEEN THIS CLOSE BEFORE............  I need to calm down o GOSH what the heck will I do when one direction are in St. Louis?!?! I'm dying!!

Gianinna Orellana on

Any one wanna tell me the story of how got together I've known of them since the beginning I just didn't join the fandom >>not my comment jsyk

Luke's quote! But I would freak out if he went to school with me.

The first two and Luke's are goals. Except my school doesn't have senior quotes because we suck.

Ironía, pura ironía

Yeah they're soooo punk rock XD (that was sarcasm for all the idiots who hate on them for "thinking they're punk")