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Printable adult ESL lessons including extensive reading passages, discussion/comprehension questions, and various exercises.

Six Levels of ESL

Six Levels of ESL

VLS (Vocabulary Learning Strategies) for the Adult ESL Student: Part III-Integrating VLS into Instruction on Vimeo

In Part III of this series, we discuss how to integrate Vocabulary Learning Strategies (VLS) into instruction by exploring the Oxford Picture Dictionary Vocabulary…

Famous People English Lessons: Biographies and ESL Lesson Plans

Famous People English Lessons: Biographies and ESL Lesson Plans

Warm-up, Discussion, Writing Prompt Activities - seven discussion topics:  Classroom Rules, Fashion, the Environment, Honesty, Study Habits and Motivation, Discrimination, and Advertising. Please see my Free product for an eighth topic - Education. Each topic has nine statements on a chart that students can record their answers. Great writing prompts for middle and secondary students. Excellent for secondary or adult ESL students as well.

Writing Prompts: Agree or Disagree

A set of seven discussion activities that run the gamut from Classroom Rules to Fashion. Others are: the Environment, Honesty, Study Habits and Mo.

Adult ESL writing prompts; Writing is the key to comprehension...

Belinda Roberts Three pages contain 16 short writing prompts. Each includes 4 lines for student response. Great to use for beginning ESL since the response

Looking for an ice breaker activity for your adult ESL class?  I'm planning to use these two "Find Someone Who" activities in my Listening and Spea...

Icebreaker ESL or ESOL Speaking Activity Find Someone Who... 2 Choices

Spring Break Community Builder: Looking for an ice breaker activity for your adult ESL class?

Adult ESL Lesson: The Post Office and the Bank (Beginner)

Free, printable advanced-level lessons for adult ESL students, complete with a lengthy reading passage and discussion and comprehension questions.

ESL Worksheets - Free and Printable

ESL Worksheets: Free printable worksheets for English as a Second Language students and teachers.

Complete Adult ESL Lesson (A New Apartment)

Your students will have fun discussing the topic of moving to a new place in this highly engaging lesson. This lesson is appropriate for adult English

We all love to eat and some of use love to cook.Learning to cook in English can be great fun but can your students read and follow recipes? It’s not as easy as you think. There are lot

What You Can Do With Recipes: 10 Yummy ESL Activities - also workable for aphasia