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Having been fortunate enough to encounter eels while scuba diving, I can vouch for the facial expressions.

“Eels always look like they just told a joke and are waiting for a reaction.” LOL i will never look at an eel the same way again

That moment when you beat candy crush | Meme Frontier

That Feeling When.: That moment when you beat the candy crush level you've been stuck on forever

I just laughed so hard! at first it wasn't funny but I think about all the times when I'm writing or watching a movie and that pops up, I run for the charger!

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Then you find the cord and you can't plug it in right and you get shocked in the process so by the time you actually get the computer plugged in it has already died.story of my life.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on the voice....so funny

Adam & Blake's Best Bromance Moments on The Voice

School Memes 101 | Cambio Photo Gallery. And why I hated group work. I was the does 99% of the work person.

School Memes 101

Group Projects, so true. And as the Bradley Cooper of most groups, I really hate group work; It may as well just be an independent assignment, that way I can do it exactly the way I want.

21 Michelle Tanner Quotes We Can All Relate To… | B for Bel

21 Michelle Tanner Quotes We Can All Relate To…THE beat thing ever! "You Got It Dude" yes!

Studying for finals...or just every test the teachers throw at us the final week of school. That works too...

my school life: studying for (anatomy and physiology) finals : mhm, oh, yeah yeah yeah. I know some of these words! Good Burger Nickelodeon TV show Kel Mitchell as Ed

luke bryan

True for somebody else but not Luke Bryan. If Luke Bryan got in the elevator with me I would probably get out.