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Is this like a grownups viewmaster?!

Slide Projectors These were classroom and office standbys for years, and were replaced by digital projectors and smartboards.

Blast from the Past: Vintage Technologies That We No Longer Use | Webdesigner Depot

Blast from the Past: Vintage Technologies That We No Longer Use

Wooden Play Pen - used one of these heavy things with my 3 kiddos (1965-1975). The bottom would lift out and then you could fold it up to carry to another room or outside. It came with a vinyl covered pad for comfort. I always covered the pad with a sheet so they were not exposed to the plastic.  It also had little wheels so you could roll it around. Probably weighed 20 pounds !!!  At least you could cook dinner and know the baby was safe and secure and in the same room with you,

Wooden playpen with spinner toys on the side My mom had this for us when we were babies, i remember putting my sister in with mean kitty.

Nixie tube #type #tube #typedesign

Nixie tubes - Before LCDs, before LEDs these hot, flickery pieces of electronic steampunk were state-of-the-art. Rob makes clocks out of them :)

Remember? The ~ Vintage Add A Matic ~ My mom had one of these crazy things.. She used it to track how much she spent grocery shopping! I recall playing with it for hours... Not sure why... Lol!

Vintage Add a Matic by dkgeneralstore on Etsy. My mom used one every trip to the grocery store. I loved the clicking sound it made as you entered the price. Mom called it the clicker.

Star Trek LCARS Magnets

Star Trek LCARS Magnets

Decorate your domicile with magnets complete with LCARS interface designs. Of course, the panels on these magnets are non-working - probably because our primitive electrical power-systems are incompatible with century technology.

Space (Wood Base)

Space resides somewhere between work of art and functional lighting fixture. Made from black and clear acrylic, custom engraved and machined, both parts are machined with Blue Pine& own CNC milling machine, then sanded and coated for maximum visu.

Gezellig dia avondje als iemand op vakantie was geweest. Hoeveel moeten we er nog...? ;-)

The dreaded family vacation slide show! Oh yeah.my Dad would show them right on the living room wall.