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I've read a lot of creepypastas lately. This dangerous couple was awesome. Jeff the Killer and Jane the Killer GothMonochrome

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this goat skull is real scary, I'd also like to play around with how scary masks create 'horror and fear' in people.

Smile!!! But your reality is a hell (That's what it says took me a while to read it)

Selfie Creepypasta style xD This is kinda sad because they aren't actually smiling so.

I will

*Runs up and hugs* Toby: Why are you hugging me? Me: Because your so damn cute! Toby:*blush* Brandi: I can live with you! I can make waffles!

Okay now before you yell at me because "Masky and Hoodie are not proxies and Ticci Toby AU is bullshit" read this: Masky and Hoodie are not proxies BUT.

Based on many considerations...I have decided not to draw any picture anymore about CreepyPasta, except Slenderman. I don’t know what the original writers like or dislike, the last thing...

Creepypasta eyeless jack and jeff the killer i just love jeff face when he sad its just so cute it look like a ship but i ignoring it i know its just a bro love right?