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All of your words of lust, and longing  Confessions of undying love, and devotion. Were everything to me. Until I needed to rely upon the strength of your words. Only to find shadow &ash. Where once my soulmate embraced the wolf she created . Unapologetically moaning as she bit,and sucked several places on my body, but mostly my lower lip while looking Into my eyes. WHY DID YOU WAKE ME UP?

I write horror, make.

For Sale – The Abandon – Mixed Medias – 10×10″ ©2015- Melissa Wilcox

For Sale – The Abandon – Mixed Medias – Melissa Wilcox

teratophilia, teratophilia, it's awwwright

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my love for you is eternal

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Cry me a river. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Lenin by the-black-cat on DeviantArt

"Lenin" by the-black-cat

8mnI7vVAhe0.jpg (604×497)

8mnI7vVAhe0.jpg (604×497)

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11062051_696961237101382_6400916086269108893_n.jpg (720×720)

iOS camera image found on Polyvore featuring polyvore

That one art style

These words describe both the art and artists behind them. Monchi by London-based artist Nyanza D.

Save the Bees - Save Earth's Magic

Save the Bees - Save Earth's Magic



Polly Nor

We Are In Luv And Live Very Fabulous Lifestyles - Limited Edition Print By Polly Nor

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Eu ñ soi desse planeta !