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Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Knock Knock (Official Video) - Music Video on 14 Screens Video

vitamins: what they do and which foods they are in

10 Kitchen Cheats

Vitamins Cheat Sheet Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Health category. Check out Vitamins Cheat Sheet now!


Charles Huettner Characters & GIFs

Charles Huettner Interview Early in 2014 I asked North American animator Charles Huettner if he’d like to talk to me about his filmmaking and drawing processes in close detail, and he was happy to.

Sherbrooke (Canadá)

Wow don't know where this is but it's very cleverly thought out and completed.

Stop Breaking In #funny #lol #humor  For goodness sake just ask this person or any person instead of breaking things!!!

When you've gotten to the point where you're pleading with thieves cause you can't afford to fix the car window they break to obtain all your worldly possessions, life is so's hilarious.

F5 ETHOS on Vimeo

Directed by Ubik Concept & Visualization: Ubik & John Paul Harney Technical Director: John Paul Harney Producer: Josephine Gallagher Executive Producer:…

Date stamp art

This would be a fantastic challenge for advanced students: Create a drawing using a non-traditional tool, in this cas a date stamp! Date stamp art

Franz Kafkas Unfinished Novel The Castle Gets Turned Into an Album by Czech Musicians: Watch a Music Video for the Song The Grave

صور مضحكة , صور اطفال , صور و حكم , موقع صور , arabic quotes

Wake up and smell the coffee.wouldn't yjis print look great in your kitchen!

Peeping Tom: 32 rue Vandenbranden

Peeping Tom: 32 rue Vandenbranden

Mr.Thoms with his finished piece for Re_acto festival - Aquila, Italy - September, 2014 (LP)

MrThoms with his finished piece for Re_acto festival, Aquila, Italy - September, 2014 (LP)