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Norman Schwarzkopf, Command General, Achievement Photos.

I may disagree with General Norman Schwarzkopf on social justice issues but he truly was a soldiers general. I am honored to have served under him during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. May The Bear rest in peace.


Clermont County Veterans Service Commission provides temporary financial assistance to Veterans, spouses, dependent children and surving spouses;

taking a moment to remember and to hopefully raise awareness for the refugees suffering in europe and the middle east.. no one should suffer the fate of 2yr old #aylankurdi and many others.. may he rest in peace not washed up on a foreign beach but in a better place than where he came from.. photo #rg from @katmonsod #syria #unitednations #un #humanity

Aylan Kurdi, Drowned Syrian Mourned With Poignant Cartoons Using Humanity Washed Ashore Hashtag

Let's face it, Republicans love Veterans during war time but see Veterans as dead weight during peace time. You know it because time and time again they throw them under the bus the second they return from war. You know it because every single day McCain and the rest of Republicans demand that we start wars...but none of them volunteer to send their children..THEY VOLUNTEER YOUR CHILDREN TO GO DIE IN THE MIDDLE EAST--my con't comments are blocked

Love the WAR / Hate the Veteran. Like it or not, that's the Official Republican Policy

Republicans Won't Rest Until We're at War with Iran ~ Obama is working on peaceful negotiations with the middle east nations; aiming for a nuclear free Iran.  In an unprecedented maneuver, 47 republicans sent a note to the leader of Iran, undermining our president.  I want the names of these traitors!

Republicans Won't Rest Until We're at War with Iran

İsrael is a Child Killer! Baby Killer! Genocide Maker! See This World!

Gaza baby 'only knew how to smile'

Killed Gaza baby Omar 'only knew how to smile' He had just had a call from a friend to tell him the Israeli military had bombed his house and that his baby boy Omar was dead.

125+ Civilians Slaughtered Today Alone. My Thoughts Are With The Syrian People. الشعب السوري لا في افكار قلبي. تبقى قوية

Syria denies link to Turkey car bombs Syrian minister denies Turkish claim that groups backing Assad were behind twin blasts that killed at least 46 people.

The Middle East has changed dramatically over the past several years--and yet it has not changed at all. In all the drama over the Arab Spring, the Iranian "détente," the renewal of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and all the rest, there are several constants that remain. If you've missed the last three years or so of new, a brief glance at today's headlines reveals all you need to know about what's going on in the region, and how little positive difference the President Barack Ob…

REMEMBER this! So Many things its hard to remember them all. Obama bows to Saudi King, no other sitting POTUS has ever bowed to a foreign head of state. Makes me kind sick to be honest.