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Bloody Painter, Eyeless Jack, Slenderman and other... Beautiful and funny X'D

Happy Halloween for everyone Jane the Killer © Sally © Bloody Painter(Helen Otis) © MineJudge angels (Dina Angela) © Ticci Toby © Clockwork &nbsp.

Creepypasta Cafe 001

Laughing Jack / Eyeless Jack / Jeff the killer / Slenderman / Masky / Hoodie / Ticci Toby I think Slender is the owner. here's the comics: Creepypasta Cafe 001

Le adventures of kino and richard by Kastoway on deviantart

Really Toby? God fucking dammit *pulls out Katanas* looks like this cat will have fish tonight.

Jeff the Killer, Kuchisake-onna, Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Hachishakusama, crying, sad, cute, text, comic, kimono; Creepypasta

Creepypasta X Jeff The Killer Creepypasta X Eyeless Jack Creepypasta X Slenderman Japanese Horror Stories X Hachishakusama Japanese Horror Stories X Kuchisake Onna

Based on many considerations...I have decided not to draw any picture anymore about CreepyPasta, except Slenderman. I don’t know what the original writers like or dislike, the last thing...

Creepypasta eyeless jack and jeff the killer i just love jeff face when he sad its just so cute it look like a ship but i ignoring it i know its just a bro love right?

Slender is a psychiatrist. He has the duty to face his patients every day. Most of them are killers and psychopaths. Jeff the killer, a cannibal with blue mask, someone afraid of water, or the pati...

Today's menu : Blueberry Pie -handmade -fresh from oven -half eaten ----------------------------------------- >Next: Creepypasta Cafe : visitor

Love that song

Well mother watch what war did to my legs and to my thoung You should have raised a baby girl, I should have been a better son>>> if you could coddle the infection they can amputate at once! You should have been, I could have been a better son!

A conversation. by scaredy--cat on DeviantArt

Ok, but the idea of creepypasta characters playing video games together is hilarious. --A conversation. by scaredy--cat on DeviantArt