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NAVE from Videogamo for Arcades... but hopefully the game will be available on PC some day!

NAVE from Videogamo for Arcades. but hopefully the game will be available on PC some day!

Rime - a friend of mine is working on this game - hope it will turn out great…

狮鸢sonny的照片 - 微相册--I've no idea what these symbols mean, but I'm sure they're what my feelings regarding this game would look like!

Forest level rough concept.

People love "Art of" books, so think of this as The Art of Bullet Age happening in real time. Bullet Age is a Platformer RPG that is being developed by Halfbot and slated for release in The.

Dark souls 2 pixel art! This is some amazing artwork!  By BandyGrass

Little Dark Souls tribute. Artorias the Abysswalker - The first of the Four Knights of Gwynn.I spent way too long messing with this one& ARMOR! Thinking the next one will be less involved.

My other work for mojow locow ©Owlient/Ubisoft

some concepts and some final works on Mojow Locow,a game of Owlient/Ubisoft on free to play.But this web game is closed

Among Thorns by Matt Frith

A short point and click adventure game set in during a technological plague.

Low Poly 3D Models

Low Poly Maya Dungeon This modular game level building set is BitGem’s second level building set in the low poly, hand painted series.

Retronator                   // Another gorgeous game came across my radar. This...

Another gorgeous game came across my radar. This is No Time for Games is being made by a Scottish duo Not Quite Black and White and looks to enter crowdfunding soon.