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Tatuaż Noga Puchar Chmura przez Silence of Art Tattoo Studio

Tatuaż przez Silence of Art Tattoo Studio

Tattoo from Brazil tagged with Leg Cloud Cup Tattoo realized by Silence of Art Tattoo Studio.

© Ana Abrahão (@abrahaoana) on Instagram: G E R T R U D E S. Uma Brabuletinha carioca! Mais uma feita na Tattoo Week Rio para uma Presuntinha Dourada!❤️ Amanhã tem mais Flash, para mais informações leia a postagem anterior!

Butterfly tattoos are graceful pieces of magical art. Prepare to be inspired by some of the most beautiful butterfly tattoos ever made!

My Howl's Moving Castle tattoo, which was done by Mark of Bridgeville Tattoo in Pittsburgh (When I got it, we both hadn't realized that the the figure of the person in the original image had eyes. But I think I like it better this way).

My Howl's Moving Castle tattoo (I now realize that the figure of the person doesn't have eyes, like in the original image, but I think I like it better this way).

Bussola- Gostei amei quero

Bussola- Gostei amei quero




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tattoo friday tatuagem dani bianco barco

As tatuagens doces e delicadas de Dani Bianco

If you've ever gotten tattooed, you'll know that most artist begin with a black outline. But this isn't the case at Aro Tattoo, the Korean tattoo parlor that employs tattooist_silo. Silo uses soft colors devoid of black outlines to give the impression of a watercolor painting.

Flower Tattoos Mimic Watercolor Paintings On Skin