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Wildlife photographer Chris Weston snapped amazing pictures of a pride of lions in Zimbabwe by using a remote camera fixed to a tree which captured them in off-guard moments.

magicalnaturetour:   Snowy radja (by Tambako the... -

magicalnaturetour: “ Snowy radja (by Tambako the Jaguar) ” Beautiful !


Lions are. Great /Beautiful Animal,s Love being a Leo Lion ♌


Photographer: Wolf Ademeit "Male Lion Portrait" Looks like Aslan to me.

Just a little cat's meow...?

Photograph I said, no photos! by Klaus Wiese on Lion in Africa. this is what the spiritual enemy looks like. It's also what the enemy of the spiritual enemy looks like. The lion of the tribe of Judah. Only one will help or protect you choose wisely.

They call me...King of the Jungle

Haldir, white African lion (Panthera leo krugeri, lev africky - bila forma) from ZOO Bratislava, Slovakia there are only few white lions, so this one is. White lion Haldir: look into your soul

The color of a lions mane appears to depend on age, genetics and hormone levels. Typically, the darker the mane, the older the lion

Katanga Lion or also called Southwest African lion (Panthera leo bleyenberghi) By Milan Vorisek