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"If you're happy and you know it, stay away." Superwholock and Merlin poem and song *clap clap*

No, you're not imagining: chainmail!Merlin is now available in gif form. (gif set from Lancelot & Guinevere)

Am I the only one who freaks out when Merlin wears an alternate outfit? I wish he'd kept it, he looked so cool!

R.I.P John. You're always the Warrior to me (as well as Mr. Ollivander, the owner of a wand shop in the Harry Potter series).

Not the Doctor we wanted but the Doctor we needed! RIP John Hurt!

Rest In Peace John Hurt, you will always be the Doctor that no one expected.

Lady Morgana

A member of the Lady's Guard, which serves the woman members of House Broadlight who rule the Fox Fields.

Clothed in gold, they were the protectors of the realm.

There was a reason the protectors wore gold-it was impenetrable-though I have seen a sword cut like butter through the armor. It was to make the protectors fearless.