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The incredible Cherub Bliss. If you are in the Pasadena area, I highly recommend a visit to Koi and for those of you wondering about Bliss' wonderful bag, check out her vintage handbag store HERE.

Heading West Advanced Style

Heading West (Advanced Style)

The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, New York City, 2011 Oh god I hope I look this fabulous when I'm old

'A Lovely Feeling': Celebrating Older Women With Fabulous Style


Linda Rodin, New York City, 2012 featured in 'A Lovely Feeling': Celebrating Older Women With Fabulous Style. me when im older

Hasune Uehara II

Hasune Uehara II (Advanced Style)

Bliss is Back

Bliss is Back

A trip to Pasadena is never complete without stopping into to see Bliss. She brought along her friend Sox and we had a great lunch at Julienne. I highly recommend the green omelet. Check out her amazing collection of Heavenly Handbags HERE.

Via Advanced Style. Loving the witchy punk vibe with a side order of vintage jewelry.

Rita Ellis Hammer

Rita Ellis Hammer (Advanced Style)

I ran into Rita Ellis Hammer on the Upper West Side looking as stunning as ever.

Brenda Henriques

Brenda Henriques (ADVANCED STYLE)

Brenda Henriques at Koi Boutique in South Pasadena. Not only did she make her wonderful top, but she also makes a collection of jewelry, sold at Koi, made from a mix of vintage pieces and semi precious stones.

From Adv. Style

Shizuka Komuro At The Tokyo Premiere of Advanced Style - Advanced Style