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It says "teenager", but any teacher can tell you this is true for the adults in staff meetings too.

I do this to MAKE SURE its loud enough for everyone to hear

I do this frantically every time I have headphones in for the first like 10 mins, especially if it's really quiet around me 😊

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The best time I did this when I was trying to find the song "La Da Dee" and I literally typed "da da dee da da da do there's only me there's only you" and it got it 😂

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Tell that to the doctor hes always pushed the tardis door, its suppose to pull.

The blog that describes your life! "Teenager Posts" is a relatable blog full of witty posts, quotes,...I'm no teenager, but I so agree

Fr me, I don't even close my eyes I just fall asleep without knowing~

UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! mooooomm can you get this for me? *NO!* UGHHHHH *SOWLY GETS OUT OF BED AND STOMPS TO GEt what I need*

Sometimes I do this then realize I forgot to turn out the light for bed🙄😂



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Well, not the last three. I remember a bunch of useless stuff, and the stomach one has never happened to me, and the last one is just silly.

Wow! I'm guessing my girls want to tell me this all the time! I love being "that house" & always have serious teen snacks - but I also always make them tidy 1st. :)

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The awkward moment when you realize Dora the explorer, who is has more freedom than you.

I have the all powerful BLANKET! Nothing can get me under here!

I have the all powerful BLANKET! Nothing can get me under here!