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Birding Is Fun!: Did he say Tremulous Tanager? guest post by Tim Avery

*UTAH~Piranga ludoviciana, or the Western Tanager

Fantastic Utah bird photographer Kevin Doxstater shares this delightful post about Birds being Birds!

It seems that most of the time when we bird watch we're trying to see as many as we can within the time allotted.

Baby Clark's Grebes feeding - from Ron Dudley! This adult is an intermediate between Western and Clark's.

One of the Clark’s Grebe behaviors I was able to photograph last week was the adults feeding their chicks.

"How NOT to report a rare bird" by Greg Gillson

Common bird or rare bird? It all depends upon where, when, and how many you see! Photo by the author. Much of the fun of birding comes f.

Birding Is Fun!: Dam Birds by Steve Creek

Birding Is Fun!: Dam Birds by Steve Creek

Bird Species Profile: Northern Saw-whet Owl

Owls are some of the most loved bird species and one of my favorites is the Northern Saw-whet Owl.

(31) Мой Мир@Mail.Ru

(31) Мой Мир@Mail.Ru

This blog post from Laurence Butler is a must read! He's a great writer and has a fun perspective on Roadrunner vs. Wile E Coyote!

In the famous old cartoon, an incompetent and startlingly emaciated Wile E. Coyote tests his destructibility while in pursuit of the quick a.

Feeding time

by Scott Simmons - Spectacular post!

Birding Is Fun!: Bald heads reveal dinosaur ancestry by Hilke Breder

I took the feeders down this past spring to keep the bears away and instead have been scattering black oil sunflower seeds on the broad ra.

Whoo Says Its Too Close? by Pat Bumstead

Owls are apparently unique in the bird world, as they tend to bring out more idiocy in the human population than any other species.