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I've always pictured Graystripe with a slight smirk or a constant look of contentment. I read his novel description and googled long-haired gray cat. A big, solid gray tom with thick fur, hefty paw...

Warrior Cats ThunderClan by SoooThisIsArt---The awesome thing about this is that I haven't read WC in a while now (!) but I can still recognize most of these cats here!

Frustrating is the first word that comes to mind. He should have died for someone else not by a tree.

These are the cats that died in "The Last Hope" A book in the Warrior Cats Series written by Erin Hunter. If you are reading the Warrior Cats series and you .

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Whenever you hear about a mass murder on the TV or radio, your mind will now immediately think "Tigerstar!" unless you are a complete Warriors nerd and was already doing that!

37 Funny Animal Pictures You're Going To Love

37 Funny Animal Pictures You're Going To Love

Anyone else secretly feel like their cat is plotting to kill them? WARNING - Murder Button is installed in different locations on different models of Cat. Some Cats may be equipped with multiple buttons. Please, practice caution when engaging your Cat.

Cats Don’t Care About Your Personal Space  #cuteanimals #babyanimals

The Ultimate CAT CARE Guide

Teemo Trying To Get My Attention While Working - kitty memes cat humor funny joke gato chat


In this post, I have collected funny animal pictures with thoughts of these cute animals. These funny pictures of animals will grab your attention at once.

Un chaton énervé après un réveil difficile : "Peu importe qui m'a réveillé... Il va mourir !" :-)

Un chaton très énervé après un réveil difficile

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Lol poor cat :P

The last selfie. A cat takes his last selfie while getting caught by dogs. This is so funny.