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My Little Pony

The little ladybug had a broken wing. But with her help, Fluttershy allowed him to soar anyway! I have to remember NOT to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic while I& trying to work!

Photo of Fluttershy for fans of Fluttershy.

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Fluttershy for fans of Fluttershy images.

Princesses of Night and Day by *Katie-W on deviantART

Whelp, that meets this weeks, super epic fantasy MLP artwork quota. Now onto a sort of update. I got to thinking abo.

Some goofing around with friends and such and I drew this based around dialogue they made after seeing Pixar's "Brave" credit for the original idea

Comment your fave Rarity! => Unicorn! Coz Rarity is perfect as she is <3

Comment your fave Rarity! Coz Rarity is perfect as she is => either radiance of nightmare rarity.

Dashing by *Sokolas on deviantART

Dashing by *Sokolas on deviantART . Will have to print and frame this for the bugs room.