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not-sure-who-made-that-cartoon-vs-anime-meme-but-he-sure-ain--t-very-smart - Face palm

not-sure-who-made-that-cartoon-vs-anime-meme-but-he-sure-ain--t-very-smart - Face palm. this person needs to fix their life.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!! I'm rewatching inuyasha just to see this. I never noticed before!!

pokemon, inuyasha, ashketchum, pikachu, goteem----->yes fools! ITS MISTY AND ASH!

cartoon vs anime - Google Search

I vote all anime characters win cause they are way more over powered then the superheros and because I love anime

Anime vs cartoon

Anime vs cartoon

Anime vs cartoon I like both though, ones cool the other one funny

Actually, there's almost about 2,000 Pokémon episodes, and Pokémon shows no signs of stopping

American Cartoon Vs Anime Episode Counts

American Cartoon Vs Anime Episode Counts<<< Ya but I still refuse to watch Pokemon, ever since they got ride of Brock and Misty.