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Omg this was literally me the first time that happened to me

Players understand the awkwardness , the embarrassment, and the struggles of this 😂

707's a freak<< U w0T fight me m8<< to whoever sent thatfirst one, guess what, welcome to the freakshow! This is where the freaks go this is the place that they can never take away so your argument is invalid. And to the person who sent the second one, I know where we can get a cricket bat

If someone got me 707 for Christmas or something, I would be a very happy fangirl.

Me when I first start off the game : "I regret nothing " After finishing the game and having a horrible sleeping pattern with crippling depression : "I regret everything "

Juninho is triggered like 'WhErE aRe ThE cAt FiLtErS' << I read that in his voice

mystic messenger 彡★ | luciel ✘saeran

I don't think I have ever related to an otome game character in my life than to 707 (Luciel). This is why I love him so much 😍😘😭😂 ~Nikki

True.  The only people who text me are the characters from mystic messenger. XDDD jk jk -Anna

Yoosung is my child. Jaehee is my waifu and Zen can just be a side chick while Jumin is that hot guy I know Gosh I love this game

Mystic Messenger- Choi Saeran (Unknown) and Mc #Otome #Game #Anime. Susanghan Messenger. XD omg

Mystic Messenger- Choi Saeran (Unknown) and Mc Susanghan Messenger. Buff is the only way to go tbh