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History lovers will get this

Because what else would you do with a Caesar salad on the Ides of March? <-- my birthday is on the ides of March.

Funny Tumblr Posts, Rug Store - Employee of the month? I think not...

oh my gosh, i am literally crying i am laughing so hard! the problem is i can totally see myself hiding and eating doritos behind a rug.

Are they related to Octavian?<<just for the comment i hate that idiot as the camp war begins i'm finding him and beating that idiot kid of Apollo. hey Octavian apollo is in hiding because your an idiot

Im sorry, _____ (im not saying who my favorite character is) but if i woke up and you were in my bed id probably scream and punch you several times in the face

Hahaha that comment. The first fictional character I thought of was Percy Jackson

Because it's true..there's something about when a guy gets a haircuts that girls don't like...

True love is having a crush on him even after he got a haircut

The Clappings: A Modern Horror Story

Ahahaha I was trying so hard to be silent but this made me laugh out loud xD ahahaha just imagine the scene


32 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2015

My son came home from preschool one day crying because I never told him John Wayne died :/ kids *shrug*


This is so me (writing in my room) and my mom talking to my sister.