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Batman (1989) - 1/4 Scale Action Figure - Michael Keaton (Case 2)

Neca Batman - Scale Figure - Batman 1989 Michael Keaton Version Based on the iconic 1989 film that defined Batman for the modern generation. We are honored

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Funny pictures about How to get the girl according to movies. Oh, and cool pics about How to get the girl according to movies. Also, How to get the girl according to movies photos.

no looking back

She left pieces of her life behind her everywhere she went. It’s easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said.

be a force of beaty and never let negative ppl and their crap bring you to their level. the prettiest girls are SO UGLY when they treat others like shit. Beauty really does come from the inside. always be beautiful my daughter

I wont forfeit my single-dom for less than I'm worth

need to find myself a real man who is mature enough to understand that loyalty, commitment, and HONESTY are a PRIORITY not an option. this is perfect, I'm realizing now that you were never a real man.

X-Men Facts Compilation // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Seriously, though, Wanda and Pietro are a fantastic example of why we need a UNIFIED Marvel film universe<<< in the comics they became Avengers not xmen

People make their own choices - sometimes you can only be there in heart.

you cannot save people, you can only love them. (Anais Nin) I'll still try and save the ones I love even if it's not going to work