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iPhone Space Wallpaper

Outer Space Shinning Light from Heaven Vortex! Guess if you are caught in a vortex one should feel some comfort knowing that heaven can see you spinning around in circles.

9 Methods for Dealing with Psychic Energy Attack in Your Field

Aliens Responsible For Extragalactic Radio Waves? Scientists Say "Likely" Those in control of this planet do NOT want us to know about the Alien signal.

HD Phone Wallpapers For All Screen Sizes

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Lifting the Veil – How to Strengthen Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

Lifting the Veil – How to Strengthen Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

Veils are wonderful because when we can master them we can lift them at will to take a peek into other spaces and places.

body wellness

The Light Beyond The Light - Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

En algunos sitios de Filipinas y Brasil se practica la "cirugía psíquica": te "operan" simplemente con las manos para sacarte un cáncer o lo que sea. James Randi demuestra cómo lo hacen.

James Randi demonstrating Psychic Surgery on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the Published with Permission.

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Read this iPad wallpaper tutorial to get some of the best free iPad and iPad 2 wallpapers. iPad and iPad 2 Christmas wallpapers is also available.

Being an Angel: When Your Soul Meets Your Soul

Souls often split off to be in more than one place during the same life. It's rare, but when two aspects of your soul meet, it may be the angel principle.