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Really cool geometric design sleeve. Really intricate and detailed. Awesome!!

I can have my one sleeve be my watercolor sky transitions and then my other can be a jumble of abstract shapes and random collections of small tattoos that have lots of meaning.

BRANDON CRONE PART 2: Through these meticulous shapes, Crone explores “the infinite nature of awareness and the vast potential of the human mind”. As the designs fold and unfold over the body, the geodesic patterns represent his deep interests in “the realms of quantum physics, eastern philosophies, and the power of the human mind”. The results are eye-catching and thought-provoking.

Geometric Sleeve Tattoos Visually Crystalize Across the Body

Brandon Crone combines multiple tattoo styles to produce cohesive, stunning pieces of body art. Fusing dotwork, blackwork, and geometry, he adorns clients'

Full-sleeve Geometric Tattoo tattoo

We selected 30 of the most awesome and cool full sleeve tattoo designs, every men and women. These tattoos will make you want to add more tattoo designs