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What colleges like to see on homeschool transcripts. I also have a book on this.

What Colleges Like to See on Homeschool Transcripts

homeschool with apps, how, why, guidelines, ideas.

Homeschool With Apps

Do you feel like your kids are constantly on their electronic devices? Why not use that to your advantage with homeschool with apps so that they are learning and having fun. Take a look at our quick list of hows, whys, guidelines, and ideas for homescho

If there is one part of homeschooling that I find daunting, it’s record keeping. If your state requires a documentation binder, you will love these tips on What to Include in Your Homeschool Documentation Binder. Of course, even if your state doesn’t require it…perhaps you would really enjoy keeping everything in one place to track …

Organizing Your Homeschool Documentation Binder

Brighton Park: What to include in your Homeschool Documentation Binder. A jumping off point for new teachers. I am pinning for the "work samples".

A Day in The Life of an Imperial Consorts & Royalty

We know what a day in the life of an Ancient Chinese Emperor is like, but what about the ladies of his Imperial Harem? Each Chinese Emperor had an Empress fo.

free homeschool high school transcript

free homeschool high school transcript I couldn't get the template to pull up but the website seemed like it could be helpful in the future.

I like that this is specifically for Middle and high school. Some great planning sheets, very specific to homeschooling.

Homeschool Creations has a FREE set of middle and high school planning pages. These pages include record keeping, planning, course description, cr

Homeschool High School Requirements - Homeschool Success » Homeschool Success

Homeschool High School Requirements - Homeschool Success » Homeschool Success

Sometimes I overcomplicate what is actually really simple. Once I discovered that about my homeschool lesson planner, I was able to create a useful solution that eliminates decision fatigue.

The best homeschool lesson planner might not be what you think

Need a simple homeschool lesson planner that helps you get things done, teachers your kids to work independently, and is actually useful?