Mark Ryden - American Artist - PopSurrealism

Mark Ryden's Incarnation ( Oil on panel, 2009 - the year before Lady Gaga's meat dress. // I don't love meat this much, but I hope this is in a museum.

Jimmy Hendrix - Mark Ryden

- Rolling Stone Magazine cover Jimi Hendrix by Mark Ryden / Issue 809 / April 1999

Mark Ryden: The artist who drew these bees.  I love his work.

Mark Ryden - PopSurrealism - The artist who drew these bees, and many other things.

Meat Fairy -princess             (by Mark Ryden  and  Marion Peck)

Mark Ryden – Incarnation, 2009 - Ryden’s ode to the meat dress, once worn by Lady Gaga in reality.

"Jajo, Patron Saint of Clowns" 1994 - Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden Jajo Patron Saint of Clowns Limited Edition of 200 Signed Numbered

Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Design retro isometric illustrations - Digital Arts

brighton beach illustration from illustrator mark oliver. always loved Brighton and like his palette and illustration style.

Hsiao Ron Cheng

This one is Crocodile Is Eating My Sorrow, Hsiao Ron Cheng, but it reminds me a lot of a beautiful print I have called Albino Alligator by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.