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(they spelled their wrong) but yes! <<< I don't think they did... But yes!

I love thus cause it's rare people actual talk about male and child rape anymore , but not only to talk about it but drive home the point all rape is bad no matter who u r or no matter the circumstances. Rape is rape point blank period

Passion - interesting lighting - worth experimenting with - this keeps the focus on the lips off eyes

Portfolio: les photos variées d'Hannes Caspar

Female Portrait by Hannes Caspar {woman face b+w photography} Shadows !us

There is a great story behind this picture. Ali could not swim but he knew that it would be a great picture and piece to further market himself.    He told the person who wrote the article that part of his conditioning was punching in the water, and this was one of the reasons he was so fast...

A stunning photo of Muhammad Ali in a boxing stance underwater while training in Miami, photographed by Flip Schulke, and featured in the book Muhammad Ali: The Birth of a Legend, Miami,

Gimme these shoes....Credit: Viviane Sassen Quicksande, 2007, for Mixt(e)

Fashion photographer Viviane Sassen - in pictures

Lil Ashton - scanography - scannography - ScanArt - Scanner Art

black and white simplicity

Lighting Portraits with a Prism Gobo, DIY Barn Doors, and Window Blinds

Lighting Portraits with a Prism Gobo, DIY Barn Doors, and Window Blinds

Photographer Nick Fancher often does high-quality shoots with simple locations and do-it-yourself gear -- he published a book on the subject earlier this y