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athletic body diversity reference for artists - This is a photoshoot of various Olympic-level athletes by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein titled “The Athlete”.

I’ve got a tough question for you: Are you tired of being fat? I understand the frustration because I was once in your shoes. Learn my weight loss secrets and make your own success story by attending my “Passion is Everything” seminars in Sydney and Brisbane this August. Here are more details: www.sallysymonds.com #passioniseverything #tiredofbeingfat

Desktop wallpaper x "Exercise is your king, & nutrition is your queen. Together they create your fitness kingdom.

The number on reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten.  Joyce Meyers reminded me just yesterday of this!

The number one reason people give up. Never give up & always remember your progress.

THIS is the reality of Fat.  Fat is not about looks. Fat is about a living system that is literally being strangled.  Fat surrounds vital organs, preventing them from working properly. Organs become damaged permanently. They wear out early.      FAT is not just under your skin, people!!  Please stop thinking about it as just about 'looks'.  It's killing you!!

Body scan of 250 lb woman and 120 lb woman. Not that a women needs to weigh 120 lbs.but the damage obesity causes. Look at the size of the intestines and stomach; how the knee joints rub together; the enlarged heart; and the fat pockets near the brain.

Learn what the proper portion sizes are for your Day-Off Diet eating needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Nuts. This is a great list that includes nut nutrition information! Plus a gluten free sugar cookie recipe at the bottom.

Fitness Motivation #7 #fitnessquote #motivationalquote  healthandfitnessnewswire.com

I actually get scared when I work out. (Rarely do.) I get a kind of panic when my heart speeds up.

i will try to remember. running is not my forte :)

Good Running Motivational Quotes :) Top 15 reasons why I need to start running. Ill do everything but run, and i think its time to give it a good try.


Inspirational Quote - Life's too short not to be healthy fit and happy! Eat move hydrate sleep and love!

beach body here I come

Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation fitness ab-workout

FITNESS - Visit WorkoutLabs.com/... to download this Upper Body Sculpting Gym Workout Pack for Men & Women

Body Building Workouts

FITNESS - Visit WorkoutLabs.com/... to download this Upper Body Sculpting Gym Workout Pack for Men & Women

Learn how to cure sciatica at home with 1 minute daily exercise.

How to cure SCIATICA at home with 1 minute daily exercise (VIDEO tutorial

At home exercises for sciatica pain best exercise for sciatic nerve,herniated disc pain how to heal a sciatic nerve,sciatic nerve compression treatment sciatic pain down leg.