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Lana Parilla Hairstyle - Medium Straight Casual | TheHairStyler.com

Lana Parilla Medium Straight Casual Hairstyle

This is by far my new favorite scene! Check this out it's fantastically hilarious! #OUAT #LanaParrilla

Once Upon a Time 'Lost' Scene: Rumple Goes Barking Up the Wrong, Evil Tree

Awesome Evil Queen Regina and Rumple (Lana and Robert) Once Winter finale (deleted scene) aired Sunday

That's the moral of the show ladies and gents. It's never so simple as good vs. evil. The villains have redeeming qualities and the heroes have flaws. That's why I love this show so much <3

That's the moral of the show ladies and gents.-->> what a major 'oh Emma' moment, seriously girl? -->> Ron Weasley claps in front of her face "Stupid savior!

The main reason I watch the show...I mean how does she not have an Emmy!

Lana plays Regina perfectly - showing emotion/love does not make you weak and when she comes to that realisation she's even more powerful than she was as 'The Evil Queen'.

What's even crazier is when she flips between these two looks within seconds.

Lana is truly a great actress! Her portrayal of both characters is perfect!