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Me too Jared me too

If I ever meet this guy, I'm giving him a t-shirt that says "Beware of moose" with a cute moose picture. Or a picture of Jared with moose antlers. << I shall hand him a picture of a moose and say "This is the picture of you I want signed"


Jared Padalecki is an American actor best known for his roles as Sam Winchester on "Supernatural" and Dean Forester on "Gilmore Girls.

Sammmmmmmmmmyyyyyy <3

its heartbreaking how these are from the earlier seasons :(< What about the "It's really not that funny and now I'm going to kill you laugh." >> and the "Sam without a soul" laugh.


Oh come on that smile should be illegal it could cause car wrecks, heart flutters, weakness in the knees goodness gracious me - and people wonder why i LOVE super natural, because its a double whammy! Sam and Dean - weak!

~The Dean Winchester school of dealing with feelings~ that face tho.

God, I need a SPN board. Sorry.

Funny pictures about How I react when someone discusses computer stuff. Oh, and cool pics about How I react when someone discusses computer stuff. Also, How I react when someone discusses computer stuff.

LMAO i died!!

can't stop laughing. But then I covered up the "DAT PIE" part and realize he's biting his lip and I can't get myself back together. --- *makes pitiful, animalistic, groan of desire* dat lip bite, tho


Naomi: “Where is the Angel Tablet, Castiel?” Castiel: “In the words of a good friend… BITE ME.