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Der M. Latissimus Dorsi ist verantwortlich für die athletische "V-Form".

Klimmzüge - Die richtige Übungsausführung

"Red Flags Of Upper Back Pain" - Upper back pain is unusual but there are various reasons why you can have it.

Rectus Femoris Muscle The golden rule about eating before you sleep

Cyclists in this year’s Tour de France – currently underway – will cover more than over 21 stages in 23 days. Of course, due to the extreme physical exertion required to do this at speed, many…

Human Muscles labeled diagram for kids

Scientists make old muscles young again in attempt to combat aging An international team of scientists have identified for the first time a key factor responsible for declining muscle repair during.

Упражнение полезно при заболеваниях грудного и поясничного отдела позвоночника, уменьшает жировые отложения в области поясницы.

Easy Stretches - Release - Tension - Neck - Shoulders All voice patients could benefit from the feedback of stretching each muscle group!

Muscle Identification

Why do shoulder problems affect the rest of the body? Many of the muscles that attach onto the shoulder girdle also attach onto the: Neck (Levator Scapulae, Upper Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid) Mid Back (Rhomboids, Trapezius) Lower Back (Latissimus Dor

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The front squat is a beast of a move, and is also surprising easier on the lower joints than the traditional squat. it equally helps with balance, strength, and building endurance and flexibility. FRONT SQUATS FOR EVERYONE!