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Lovely picture of Joy Cho and her darling Ruby. 10 Must-Haves for Newborns - And Baby Made Three - mom.

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Colic can be a trying time in a newborn's life. Friends may suggest you stop breastfeeding & switch to infant formula for colic.

At 1-3 months babies start to smile spontaneously.

Signs of a Happy Baby

At months babies start to smile spontaneously.

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What are the trappings to keep your bundle of joy happy, safe and healthy? Here are nine simple tips for caring for your newborn. What is most importa.

Lots of great information on the best ways to carry, seat and lay your baby. An important perspective on why baby carriers are important and why car seats for carrying baby around are dangerous.

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Cold medicine is not recommended for sick babies. Learn natural home remedies for babies with colds.