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Formigas Zumbis

Creepy Fungal Parasite Infects Specific Ant Brain for Zombie Mode

Sun Spider aka Scorpion Spider. I think Ima gonna gag

Camel (Solifugae) These terrifying creatures became infamous when American soldiers who had returned home from Iraq told of cat size spiders that could bite chunks out of human flesh. Solifugae are not actually true spiders but belong to a distinct order.

Commensal Defense on The Scientist

How gut bacteria communicate within our bodies, build special relationship

Bangladesh has passed a law that will allow parents to legally marry off their young daughters without their consent. This will endanger the lives of these child brides. Sign the petition and demand that child marriage be outlawed.

Does your microbiological age match your biological one? Ed Yong

window garden craft for kids. I think you could totally diy this using one of those clear shoe organizers that they make for doors....

Window Garden Kiwi Crate

Suction cup baggies to window and kids can watch seeds grow! Maybe even buy a behind-the-door shoe organizer that's clear and use it in the classroom…for lots of seed growing!

Add a little science fun to your gardening with these simple experiments and science activities for kids.

Kids' Science in the Garden

Ways to teach kids science in the garden. Fun ways to add even more science learning to your spring gardening in the classroom or at home!

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An Engaging Persuasive Writing Pack for students to use for the prompt: What is the best type of Zombie Pet? There are a few resource sheets for the teacher to use as well as multiple writing sheets for the students to use!

Zombie Fungus Makes 'Sniper's Alley' Around Ant Colonies

Zombie Fungus Makes 'Sniper's Alley' Around Ant Colonies

After killing its host, the so-called zombie ant fungus grows from the cadaver and produces spores, which rain down on the forest floor to infect new hosts. (College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State)

Фото проекта Millennium of Changes https://vk.com/mchanges

Фото проекта Millennium of Changes https://vk.com/mchanges

Rosie (by Anna Fehr)

created for a work evaluation more of a post-apocalyptic "gal" inspired by riveters/engineers/ grease monkeys and the like.