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yeah i had to drink this cough syrup that supposedly tasted like bubblegum. i drank it and was like, "Have you ever even had bubblegum?

I tell my husband this all the time, he laughs when I say that I am going to take a "quick" shower because what I really mean is it will be 15-20 minutes!!

Teenager Post - What do you mean minute shower" it takes me 4 minutes to get the water to the right temperature.

I know right! We can't write the notes down if your standing in front of them! Then you get mad when we don't have all of  our notes!!! Agh

Teacher:"Copy the notes class" Teacher:(Stands in front of it) Me:"But I can't see them" Teacher:(Moves the tiniest bit)

I never have the time to write in it so my entries are like months apart

I never have the time to write in it so my entries are like months apart

Like at school the first day you have to take this quiz and turn it in and you just automatically forget everything you've ever done and liked XD

It seems like a easy question right? But when someone actually asks you your minds goes blank happens to me all the time!<<<😑😐😑😐 ya, I got no clue.

This is so me! Haha

true true story i can relate so true teen quotes relatable I do that so relatable<< Some of this stuff I literally scream IM NOT THE ONLY ONE out loud at the screen

This happened to me only like twice since I'm normally like the last person but when I'm first I do this, idk why but I just do...

I dont I just turn it in so no one tries to cheat off of me being as Im the smart kid in class- said the original pinner, but i'm the same as in the picture, i wait, thought i don't know why

She will literally give you a life lesson that will take the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!

So true. Mom: "Bring a jacket, or you'll freeze!" Me: "Mom, I'll be fine." *shivering* Mom: "Cold, isn't it?