Malachite kingfisher

Malachite kingfisher at dusk, Chobe River, Botswana. Photo by Charles Glatzer

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Love that little feather 'hat'! ~ The Malachite Kingfisher is widely distributed in Africa, south of the Sahara. This is a small kingfisher, app. ~~ by Candice Swarts, taken in Rietvlei Nature Reserve, South Africa

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca)

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca) also known as the black-backed kingfisher or three-toed kingfisher is a species of bird in the Alcedinidae family. Photo by Akshay Charegaonkar via

IMG#2301 BLUE BREASTED KINGFISHER by kenkeener1621 on Flickr.

Blue-breasted Kingfisher (Halcyon malimbica) A tree kingfisher found in tropical west Africa