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File:Wappen Deutsches Reich (Weimarer Republik).svg

German eagle, Doepler's design, crest of Weimar Republic, afterwards – till 1935 – used as Reich's and since 1949 as Federal German escutcheon.

Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the style used by Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI (as used only in Scotland).

Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland used from the century to Used by the Kings of Scots up until the Union of the Crowns in 1603 under King James VI I, of Scotland and England.

Lions of Europe

I got bored All lions used in the coats of arms of European countries. Belgium Bulgaria Dalmatia (used in the coat of arms of Croatia) Bohem. Lions of Europe

Coat of arms of Norway - Norway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coat of arms Norway; Uses of red and yellow give a strong bold look towards the idea of the country probably why they used those colours. The lion most likely has the look of strength.

Konopiště, Czech Republic (parts of The Illusionist were filmed here)

Konopiště Chateau is a castle in the midst of charming gardens and a scenic landscape. The interior of the Konopiste castle, which was refurbished for Franz Ferdinand d’Este before his assassination, features a large collection of hunting trophies.