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Faceted Pink Tourmaline perfect sparkle for a Summer Moonlit Evening by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Items similar to Jewelry/Bracelet/Delicate/Love/Pink Tourmaline Gemstones/Archangel Jopheil on Etsy

Jewelry/ Bracelet// MultiStrand//Labor of Love by CatchyTreasures

Made in the USA//Jewelry/ Bracelet// MultiStrand//Labor of Love //Semi Precious Stones //Boho Chic

Jewelry/Bracelet/ For Goddesses/ Pink by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Items similar to Jewelry/Bracelet/ For the Goddesses/ Pink Argentinian Rhodochrosite Crackle Quartz on Etsy

Amulet Bracelet /One Eyed Dzi/ Basalt/ Howlite by CatchyTreasures

Items similar to Jewelry/Bracelet /One Eyed Dzi/ Basalt/ Howlite Turquoise/Amulet on Etsy

Jewelry/Bracelet/Zen/Healing/ Lapis Lazuli/ Peruvian Amazonite /Solid Brass / Continuous Bracelet/Archangel Michael Energy by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Jewelry/Bracelet/Healing/ Lapis Lazuli/ by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Goddess Moon Bracelet - The Night's Full Moon Glow in this Crackle Quartz Classical Style bracelet Tibetan Silver Focal Bead by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Jewelry Bracelet Valentine Gift Her the SNOW by CatchyTreasures

Faceted Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Karen Hill Tribe Carved FocalBead Solid Sterling Spring Love! by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Faceted Pink Tourmaline Peridot Karen Hill by CatchyTreasures

Handmade Natural SemiPrecious Stone Bracelet by CatchyTreasures

February Birthstone Statement Bracelet Natural SemiPrecious Stone Bracelet Unikite Bloodstone, Ruby Labradorite Copper by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

The Power of BLING Pyrite /Crystals/Galaxy by CatchyTreasures

Items similar to Jewelry/Bracelet/Celestial/Power of BLING / Pyrite /Crystals/Galaxy Staras Blue Sand Sun Sitara on Etsy

Bracelet/White Jade/ Peace&Serenity/ Alleviates by CatchyTreasures

Statement Bracelet White Jade Peace&Serenity, Alleviates Anxiety Connection to Archangel Gabriel Mother's Day Birthday Gift by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Jewelry/Necklace /SemiPreciousStones and Bronze by CatchyTreasures

Items similar to Jewelry/Necklace /SemiPreciousStones and Bronze/Healing Stones on Etsy

Bracelet/Cuff/ Yemaya Orisha /Spiritual by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Yemaya Orisha Spiritual Healing Cuff Bracelet by CatchyTreasures

CatchyTreasures Semi Precious Emeralds and Onyx by CatchyTreasures

Items similar to Jewelry/Bracelet/Healing/Emeralds and Onyx Bangle Archangel Rafael Connect, Abundance, Wealth, Luck on Etsy

Art Deco Style Protective Bracelet of Black by CatchyTreasures

Items similar to Jewelry/Bracelet/Bling/Protective Cuff/Black Onyx/ Mexican Opals on Etsy

Healing Energies Statement Bracelet of Crystal by CatchyTreasures

Jewelry/Bracelet/Healing Energies Statement by CatchyTreasures

Jewelry/Bracelet/Zen Healing Stones for by CatchyTreasures on Etsy

Dragons Vein Agate/Citrine/Clear Crystal Glass Rondelles/ Archangel Gabriel/ by CatchyTreasures on Etsy