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''He makes himself into everything Steve dreams of, because that's all Bucky wants to be.'' / Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers ---- This just makes me sad. Everything about them makes me sad.

She does know from experience. He trained her in the Red Room. He doesn't remember her, and we've seen no evidence in the MCU that she remembers him from the Red Room, but these two DO know each other.

I think I ship Nat with everyone and it kinda weird. (Mostly just winterwidow and clintastha)

Bucky this is your mission not a photoshoot.

Bucky this is your mission not a photoshoot. 《 every minute is a photo opportunity

MAJOR FEELS ATTACK. We needed Team Cap taking down every Hydra asshole brutally. Too bad the Avengers already did it and they didn't take adequate revenge.

''The asset might've taken down Captain America, but Bucky Barnes would never, ever harm Steve Rogers.'' This whole thing is heartbreaking. :( / The Winter Soldier


The problem with this is that The Winter Solider is a villain. Bucky isn't, but Bucky isn't always there in The Winter Solider. It's an uneven balance and when ever Bucky starts to appear they wipe his mind. The Winter Solider is a villain.

Sharing my thoughts because I argue with people over this on the regular. (MMH)

Very concise explanation of why James "Bucky" Buchanan Barnes is NOT a villain.