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5 Ingredient Easy Mushroom Tacos {Vegan} - C it Nutritionally

@Kelsey Powers  - This made me think of you!!! Sounds like something we'd say to each other..

I'd fight a bear for you. Not a grizzly. Or a brown bear. Or a panda. But maybe like a Care Bear? I'd fight one of those sonsabitches for you. That's fine, as long as Cal Bears count too, as not to be messed with =]

Funny/ Cool Shirts

Funny/ Cool Shirts

Garbage Pail Kids

Mad Mike Topps Trading Card Garbage Pail Kids Series Kids Giant Stickers 33 A

garbage pail kids

This is an OOP 1987 Garbage Pail Kids card featuring Moe Bile in near mint condition.

Primitives by Kathy 'This Wine Is Making Me Awesome' Box Sign

Pretty much sums it up.Primitives by Kathy 'This Wine Is Making Me Awesome' Box Sign available at Nordstrom

Mmm hot tub days

We dont skinny dip chunky dunk sign pool hot tub spa decor wood handmade Trimble Crafts plaque

Close enough ..

I used my manners today and said please. Well, actually I said bitch please but whatever. Close enough .

2 legit...2 legit 2 quit HAYYY HAYYY! LoL

"Too legit, too legit to quit, hey, hey!" "This takes me back, yall. Now I'm gunna have the stupid song stuck in my head!

Making it visible.

I'm just going to put an "Out of Order" sticker on my forehead and call it a day". funny quotes about living with chronic illness / fibro/ BRAIN FOG / / lupus