Omg the la tour Eiffel or in English the Eiffel Tower so pretty I want to see it in reall life so bad

Eiffle Tower The Eiffel tower took about 2 years to build it with 132 workers and 50 engineers. The Eiffel tower has rivets.

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Pastel Eiffel Tower- this is really how I imagine my view of Paris to be. I can hear the french music playing.

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Эйфелева башня Парижа (Франция)

Эйфелева башня Парижа (Франция)

40 French Survival Sentences You've Gotta Learn for Smooth Travel

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France We can send money (EUR) to and from France and we can accept registrations from here too

The absolute best Paris travel guide! Exactly what to see, where to eat, what to do and more!

The Absolute Best Paris Travel Guide! What to See, Where to Eat & More!

La Vie en Rose - amazing!!!  (not sure if it's real but it sure is gorgeous!!)

La Tour Eiffel is such an iconic landmark that I would love to visit. I love the look of sunsets so it would be only fitting for me to visit La Tour Eiffel at sunset.

Im not good with heights but would love to do this just so I can say ive done it..

Eiffel Tower: I lived in the South of France, (which is also amazing/gorgeous) but I only got to visit the airport in Paris. Happily, I could see the Tour d'Eiffel as we were taking off to leave. Someday I will visit it in person.