Explore Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and more!

Fun in Vietnam    Ho Chi Minh City - Part One

This Part One video VLOG of 8 Parts Fun in Vietnam with Steve Hung and VideoCobra. The video starts with arrival at the Ho Chi Minh City or also previously k.

Fun In Vietnam with Steve Hung Intro VLOG

Fun in Vietnam with Steve Hung and VideoCobra in our new Fun and exciting informative travelogue VLOG This guy tickles you with his most uncanny laughter and.

Lombok with VideoCobra Part Two

VideoCobra Lombok's Indonesia VLOG Adventure in 2016 Indonesia travelling to the island of surf, sand, waterfalls, other attractions and adventure including .

Snorkeling in Boracay with VideoCobra

My Travel Vlog Snorkeling in Boracay with VideoCobra / This is as good as it can get and i enjoy every minute of snorkeling in the crytal clear waters.

URUMQI 乌鲁木齐 #EP2|Travel Vlog|August 2016

URUMQI 乌鲁木齐 #EP2|Travel Vlog|August 2016

Heavenly Xinjiang - Kanas Nature Reserve / Urho Ghost City Part Four

Proceeded to Kanas Nature Reserve and truly experience what bus rides with China Nationals are really like. The total chaotic experience is not very pleasant.

Heavenly Xinjiang - Buerqin to Hemu Part Three

our journey continues with stops for toilets breaks as well as experience the migration of cattle and horsemen. stopping at Uyghur rest stops that ply their .

「超值旅遊號」絲路新東方快車 - 活動花絮

「超值旅遊號」絲路新東方快車 - 活動花絮

冬天体验乌鲁木齐快速公交 BRT1号线 机械厂至红山

bus rapid transit of Urumqi

Heavenly Xinjiang - Urumqi to Buerqin Part Two

as we travelled over 700 km to our next destination stopping over at rest stops and meals in less than sanitary toilets.



Lombok Aerial Fantasty - Made in Heaven

Lombok Island Indonesia Aerial Fantasy is a paradise destination truly Made in Heaven with its stunning beaches and villas, adventure. Truly a travel destina.

Heavenly Xinjiang - Land of the Uyghurs Part One

from flying to Singapore to Guangzhou to Urumqi and then a 700 km coach ride to Buerqin with stops on the way and then to Wucaitan.



Lombok Indonesia Adventure - Part Three

Please watch Part Three of my Lombok Indonesia Adventure where a visit to a beach turns into a total nightmare with garbage spewed on the entire stretch of p.