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The nude people I get but waffles! Who the fudge is eating waffles at the beach?


Caution Low Flying Aircraft This sign is definitely getting the message across.

And I was just getting good at walking through closed doors!

thanks for telling me. Please do not board the bus once the driver has closed the bus doors sign


There's a funny Stop sign near my house that says "Hammertime" under it. It always makes me smile and remember when "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer was a huge hit. Apparently there are quite a few Stop signs with graffiti pertaining to song lyrics.

Fishing for Compliments - Street Sign Facepalms

Silly signs and funny notice signs: Notice. Thank you for noticing this new notice. Your noticing it has been noted and will be reported to the authorities!

The best piece of NYC street art ever.  A social etiquette campaign from artist Jay Shells.

The artist Jayshells made this sign targeting the texting-while-walking folks among us. I wholeheartedly admit, I'm just as guilty as the next person. Luckily, I haven't had any incidents like walking into a pole or off a cliff.

Attention Parents

Attention Parents: Unattended children will be given a Redbull and a free kazoo

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This guy doesn’t need some sort of credentials to know he really likes burgers. “Voted best burger in town by some guy who likes burgers.