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Comics artist from France who's not so good in english. I'll share my art (sketches, doodles, work.

☆ By Artist Ted Beargeon ☆

render of a sister of battle from warhammer of war. you can see how the battle armour makes her seem powerful yet the armour also shows off her features, making a beautiful yet deadly character.

Where the fuck is this artist I need to huNT THEM DOWN AND TELL THEM THat their art is actually really good and I love this. Keep up the good work

OVOPACK : this character would be suitable for a forest environment. this will help me design my forest animal

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1701

Children from the Wasteland by Sergi Brosa, Sergi is exactly the style of artist i want to become, i love the use of colours, the creativity he has used and taking in designs and styles of the world around him.