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Steampunk airships

Sky Train - A gallery-quality illustration art print by Neil Maccormack for sale.

This reminds me a little of the airship machine that Mr E rides in chapter 2 of The Water Works of Clear Wash City - http://www.thewaterworksofclearwashcity.co.uk/

steampunk Q ship by ~ICONcreations on deviantART. Very nice steampunk-themed airship that would fit well into the steampunk universe of Shunt. Very good picture for inspiration as it included a bit of landscape as well.

3M Airships 4+5 by Bartoleum.deviantart.com

renaisance era Airship concepts for 3 Musketeers ( production was in Germany) Pencil sketch and Photoshop Airships

Steampunk Flying Ships (2006 Personal project), Eddie Bennun

Steampunk Flying Ships Personal project) by Eddie Bennun on ArtStation.

亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 | Cathedral by Kazu Kibuishi #Steampunk #Fantasy #Airship

Airship, steampunk and/or fantasy inspiration Cathedral by Kazu Kibuishi