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Have had the travel bug my whole life...Inherited it from my mom who said she always kept two suitcases packed so if she got home from a trip and somebody asked her to go someplace else, she'd be ready!!!  And a daddy who would surprise us kids with a vacation by walking in and saying, "Everyone who wants to go on vacation with me, be ready in 15 minutes."  (slj)

Travel Poster Travel Does the ? i love travel travel poster Be a traveler, always.

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Los 22 carteles de restaurantes más fantásticos del mundo

"No, we don't have wi-hi. Talk to each other." Cool Beans turns off the wi-fi once a week and forced people to talk to each other. The trick: It's a random day of the week each time.

Can you feel me when I think about you?. Long distance relationship quotes on PictureQuotes.com.

Life becomes easier when you let go of the unneeded stress. If it's out of your control, don't let it worry you. - Image quote by Unknown

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20 palabras que necesitas en tu vida pero que no existen en tu idioma