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Coole scheidingswand

Coole scheidingswand

Industrial Shelves - Lowes Creative Ideas. Could be cool in a man cave.

Industrial Shelves How-to =-= Lowe's Creative Ideas. Could be really fun in a kids room with swing set chains and bright dowels

Hey people, coolie toolie alert! I know I say this about every tool, but this time I sssswear I mean it - cross my heart and hope to die, stick a dowel rod in my eye, this is thee neatest thing I've ever seen. (And all I have to do is drop one little hint, and l'll have one, because I'm spoiled like that. *curtsie*) - OneTIME Tool - Dowel Press

Push Shoes, Blocks, And Sticks – Importance Of Design And Use

In-floor Scissor Lift Install - The Garage Journal Board

In-floor Scissor Lift Install - The Garage Journal Board We WILL have this in a future garage :D

Fold down picnic table

How awesome is this picnic table idea? I have a small patio area that this would be totally perfect . space saving fold down picnic table


Drawer pulls made from nuts and bolts

DIY Drawer Pulls - Nuts, Bolts, and Eye Screws - for a boys room or garage/shed/shop

Estanteria de letras

These are letter shaped modular storage cubes. They can be read to only look like letters from the front and also when looked at from a side angle they are more easily recognized as book shelves.

Amazing Colorful Furniture Design

Contemporary Lab and Anthony Hartley have teamed up to offer Anthony's colorful and modern Edna 1 and Edna The UK-based furniture maker creates custom-m