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The Time Machine ~ H.G. Wells. I have pulled out this old chesnut for a dark and stormy Saturday afternoon.

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The Time Machine by H. Wells One of the fathers of science fiction, H. Wells, coined the term "time machine," which inspired f*ture science fiction writers to let their imagination run free. Many authors have attempted a sequel to the dystopia.

The Time Machine (1960) dir. by Guy Pal (Conquest of Space, War of the Worlds). I remember sitting down and watching with my mom when I was about ten. The morlocks ver very scary but I had a crush on Yvette Mimieux. Great steampunky H.G. Wells movie.

"The Time Machine" Movie Poster by Reynold Brown (George Pal / One of my favorite time travel movies.

The Time Machine by MikeMahle on @DeviantArt

My cover for Rock Paper Books edition of The Time Machine. This along with other classic books will be available through their Kickstarter campaign whic. The Time Machine

The Time Machine Movie Poster by Julien Lois

Julien Lois The Time Machine Movie Poster Release From Nautilus Prints