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So true. .

kit hinkle a new season a widows might widowhood support trusting god in my loss

I'm tired of the grief of being lonely and my heartache, so have mercy on me Lord!

Today marks the 100 day of my baby girls death. conflicting emotions that make me sad and confused.


Your Hardest Times Will Expose Your Truest Friendships Rock Bottom Will Reveal Who's Real Know Your Circle


When you fight to cling to people who are no longer meant to be in your life, you delay your destiny. Let them go. Definitely, let them go. You deserve better.

Be strong. You never know who are you inspiring.

Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring! You never know when your children are watching.

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Love doesn't hurt you. A person that doesn't know how to Love Hurts you. Don't get it twisted. - Tony Gaskins ~ God is Heart


Instagram Post by Olivia Pierson (@oliviapierson)

"Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come." Everything happens for a reason.

A great and true synopsis of losing a child, from someone who has suffered such loss in her life.

Death does not care who it touches. Though it hurts now, you never truly "get over" your pain, you simply learn how manage it. I miss my dad.