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The legs in Eggs

L'eggs Display & We kept and collected those shiny plastic egg shaped packages. I loved the L'eggs hose.

Metal Pot Holder Loom

Metal Pot Holder Loom

Free Directions to Sew Your Own Quality Kerchief......when I was in grade 6 my good friend made me a kerchief just like this .. I wore it till I was in my mid twenties and then one lace broke... I have never had the heart to throw it out. I will be fixing it and wear it again soon now that this has reminded me. Fond fond memories....my friend was crippled by health problems .. so I knew it took alot for her to do this for me.

Free Directions to Sew Your Own Stylish Kerchief

Pick up Sticks - what a favorite

Pik-Up Sticks can do this with straws, dump in a pile and try to pick them up without moving the others.for little ones.it can work on fine motor skills. I used to play this game with my Nana allll the time!

Anyone remember these

I remember Gold Rocks Candy Bubble Gum. My daddy used to buy them for me every time we went to Cracker Barrel.

View Master

The View Master.one of my very favorite toys as a kid. I could sit and look at the pictures for a long time! Everything from scenery to Disney caracters, and everything in between.

little golden books - Google Search

"Little Black Sambo" ~ Helen Bannerman 1923 . "The tigers ran and ran until they turned into a pool of melted butter.and Little Black Sambo was from INDIA .

Psst Goes the Bactine! Psst Goes the Bactine! DOWN go the mean old germs!!! I can recall the smell of this just thinking about it!

Liar liar pants on fire! More like SORE on fire.stuff burned like crazy!