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[Black and white photo of the legs of three ballet dancers on pointe; two of the dancers are wearing standard pointe shoes, while the third is wearing canvas sneakers. The center dancer’s calf muscles.

Pink Ballet Slippers

Pink Ballet Slippers

ballet shoes...sort of

Love this picture. I actually used to stand on my toes in converse shoes when I was younger.

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Happy Saturday my dear. In my dream world I would have been a ballet dancer but I was born a chubby little girl,lol. I think this is such a pretty picture so I'm sharing it with you my sweet friend.

SAB skirt in classic white by Royall Dancewear...Photo by Abby Grace

SAB skirt in classic white by Royall Dancewear.Photo by Abby Grace. Such a simple photo, but nice.

Who says ballerinas are the only ones who dance "en pointe"?

Who says ballerinas are the only ones who dance "en pointe"?Love this photo I have been doing Irish dance for two years and am starting ballet next year.

Ballet positions! How many do you know?comment how many of these positions you knew before you read this!

7 Steps to Self-Development

This quote makes me want to write a book about a girl who wants to be a prima ballerina and who's parents want her to go to collage and have a more practical dream like to be a teacher.

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